QWebView in Qt5

  • Hi All.

    I have instaled qt5 RC1 in my Debian Sid. I have problems with QWebView. the widget don't appear in qt-creator 2.6.1 and when I try to compile I have an error:

    This is the error:

    /home/arcnexus/project/terra/frmanadirmedicamento.cpp:-1: error: undefined reference to `QWebView::setHtml(QString const&, QUrl const&)'

    I have Qt += webkit in my .pro file and the project works fine in Qt 4.8.2.

    Someone know about this? Thanks for your help.

  • the webkit module has been renamed in QT5. use 'webkitwidgets' instead of 'webkit'.

  • [quote author="ezerek" date="1355780952"]the webkit module has been renamed in QT5. use 'webkitwidgets' instead of 'webkit'.[/quote]

    Yes, it works fine.


  • I am also unable to see the qwebview control in Qt creator 2.6.1 .
    can any one tell me what should I do?

  • Temporaly I have solved this using Qt-designer outside Qt-Creator in Linux for make forms with this control. But, i think the best solution is compile qWebQit. After compile you need copy .so (linux) or .dll (windows) into qt-creator-designer plugins folder.

    After I will to compile and if it works I post the solution step by step. (in Linux; i have only linux in my pc)

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