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[Solved] weird message for run plugin

  • I wrote a simple plugin that is in C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 e-book and everything is correct but when i debug it appear a window that include 3 textboxes. first textbox is for excutable second is for Argument and third is for Working Directory.
    ! message)!

    but i have no idea what these is, interesting point is in the book or document of plugin no mentioned about this window and i still dont know what i do. have anyone idea?

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    You need to check the project settings in creator.
    Go to "Projects" on the left bar. You should see now the settings of your project on the "Build&Run" knob. Below a bit to the right you will find distinguished buttons for "Build" and "Run". Press the run button.

    You should see now the Run settings and the entries given above are shown there as well. There is no executable defined in your run settings. So creator does not know which executable to start. You can define it here.

  • thanks
    but i dont know what i write in executable filed and argument filed and working directory.
    I filled the executable filed with something like "..\1.exe" but the project hasn't built yet that i can specify its .exe file

  • Did you try to build?
    In your first post you state that everything is correct and you got the message while starting to debug.

    Anyhow, try to build the project.
    Post some of your code and .pro for better understanding where there might be a problem.

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    Whenever creator does not know which binaries are going to be built by the build system of your choice, then it will use a so called "Custom Executable Run Configuration". If you did not configure that one in Projects mode (Run Settings), then it Creator will pop up this window when you try to run something for the first time.

    At this point your binaries should be build already. You need to give the executable to run, the arguments to pass to the executable as well as the directory to run it in. I think that is pretty self-explainatory.

    Creator does not know which executables you are building when you use a build-system other than qmake or any qmake project without a executable target (e.g. when you build a library only).

  • thanks about your consideration but i know that first i must build the project after that run it. I think is better show you the code. this code is a practice for plugin that came in the C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 book and i'll show you all of it. but if i write it here my post will be too long please download it with this link "iconeditorplugin":

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    That explains it then: You can obviously not run a plugin, so creator asks for something else to run instead. This is so that you can start the application this plugin is meant for.

  • thanks this is first time I wrote a plugin. would you show me a example or book for using plugin?

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    So into which application does this plugin plug into?

  • @whitesong

    You can take a look at "this": video tutorial on plugins.

  • thanks for your help

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