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Installing Qt5 on a Mac with Mountain Lion and the newest Xcode version

  • Hi,

    What would be the typical installation procedure when installing Qt5 on a Mac (Mountain Lion)?

    Something like...

    1- Install Xcode
    2- Install GCC / Developer tools in Xcode
    3- Download and Install Qt5 Beta
    4- Adjust Build and Run

    Of course these steps need to be what the real procedure requires, this is just an example.

    Can someone describe the procedure that needs to be followed when installing Qt5 on a Mac with Mountain Lion?

    I want to start from scratch, installing Xcode etc.

    The reason for this question is because I have been running into some issues and I have had to reinstall Qt5 a few times.


  • What issues in particular?

  • One of them said "Qt needs a compiler", I believe this had to do with Xcode. The other one that I can remember was the issue linking libraries, when I opened a project created with Q4 I got a lot of compiler errors saying that the libraries couldn't be found.

    Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what the messages were. I haven't tried to do it lately since I'm getting a new computer and I don't want to re do the whole thing twice.

    I will provide details if I run into the same problems once I get my new iMac.

    Thanks a lot

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