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QML rendering in OpenGL

  • Hello all

    I'm developing a QML application on embedded system.
    Following this "doc":, QML can be rendered using OpenGL by QGLwidget viewport and It means I can use GPU for rendering. But I can’t see difference on my system.

    1. Is there any way to check whether QML is rendered by GPU?
    2. And if I use GraphicsView whose viewport is QGLWidget, Can GraphicsView can be rendered by OpenGL?

  • Perhaps the answer to your question has already been in this post: "OpenGL view in QML":

    Take a look at this code:
    QDeclarativeView *view = new QDeclarativeView;
    QGLWidget *glWidget = new QGLWidget;

  • Thanks for replay

    I've already used that code. The problem is that there is no improvement in FPS. And QGLwidget's paint event is not called. I think OpenGL is not used in here.
    So I want to check GL graphic stack is really used.

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