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What happened to the free Qt SDK?

  • Hello!

    What happened to the free QtSDK download (1-click installer for Qt, docs and QtCreator)? The only SDK I can find is "30 day eval": at Digia.

    Things turned terribly wrong... I have a feeling, that money invested in Qt books might become worthless...

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    Try searching a bit more. The old SDK is available at the bottom of the Downloads page here on Qt Project DN. It was provided by Nokia which is no longer involved in Qt, so the SDK became terribly outdated - so it was moved down not to attract too much attention. Installing the newest Qt and Qt Creator is a better idea (compiling from source is also nice :)).

    New, open source SDK will be available soon. You can try the beta by installing Qt5 beta2 packages. Qt4 will be added to it later this year or early next. Don't panic. Qt is strong and alive, even though it has went through a lot of problems in the last 18 months.

  • Found it :) Thank you very much for guidance.

    Well, I use Gentoo, so it compiles Qt, QtCreator et al from sorce, so no fear for me (yet).
    Unfortunately, my co-workers are doomed to Windows and SDK was optimal solution for them.

    Thanks for your prompt support (one of the virtues of Qt community).

    Best regards,

  • I'm on the same situation here. I'm trying to install the Qt SDK on a new computer (Mac) and I cannot find it.

    I looked at the download page but I cannot find it.

    Can someone post the link to the exact location.

    Good to hear that Qt is not dying.


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    This is "the exact link": You should really go for separate installation, esp. if you are on a mac. Or take the Qt5 beta2, it's pretty solid already.

  • Thank you for the link.

    There is no SDK for Qt5, right?

    The only option would be to install the Qt Libraries and Qt Creator as a stand a long application right? If yes, what would be the difference between using this method vs the SDK?

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • Hi!

    There is no SDK yet.

    There is no difference if you install as standalone, you'll only have more work at start importing Qt libraries in Qt Creator.

  • Can you please describe what you mean with more work importing Qt Libraries? Longer paths?

    Will existing projects (created with Qt4) work fine?

    Any idea when the new SDK will be ready?

    Thank you all very much.

  • When installing with SDK, all qmake for installing libraries will bi added to Qt Creator.
    Take a look in Qt Creator Options -> Build & Run -> Qt versions There are a few path to Qt libraries. You'll have to import those manually. And If I remember corretctly, you'll also need to setup compiler ( next tab in Qt Creator options).
    Thats about it.

    Qt 4 project should work fine. When compiling existing Qt 4 projects with Qt 5 there might be same compiler errors, but Qt 5 provides pretty good backwards compatibility so everything should be OK. You can of course import old Qt 4 libraries and continue to work with Qt 4.

    And sorry, no idea. There were a few threads already open about dates of new SDK. Short answer was: with official Qt 5 release.

  • Thanks a lot for the clarification.

    Thank you all very much for your help.

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    Qt 5 beta2 ships with the new SDK already, also in beta stage (and without Qt4 at the moment).

    In general, although I know this has no effect: please, search the forum before posting. Questions about the Qt SDK are being posted by various people 2-5 times a week, and the answer is the same in all cases :)

  • [quote author="sierdzio" date="1354547407"]Qt 5 beta2 ships with the new SDK already, also in beta stage (and without Qt4 at the moment).[/quote]

    I'm assuming you are talking about the Qt libraries 5.0 Beta 2 correct? I'm asking because the file size seems too small compared to the Qt4 SDK.

    I will search the forum for more info.

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    Yes you are right.

    Reduced size comesf from the fact that Symbian and Meego stuff is missing, and Qt5 has a new modular structure, from which some of the modules were dropped in this beta (some temporarly, some not).

  • Awesome! I will give it a try - Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Have fun, and happy coding :-)

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