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Sniffer (as antycheat)

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to protect game (MuOnline Private Server) from cheating. Of course I don't have source so it has to be separate application. I've choosen Qt and it has also few other features like launcher, autoupdater etc. One of my ideas is to sniff from which application packet comes and disconnect player if he sends it from cheat. Unfortunately I'm newbie in networking. Is it possible and/or a good idea? I look for lightweight and simple solution windows-only. Don't even know where to start. I'll appriciate any help.

    Sorry for bad English.


  • You may use "winpcap" with Qt.

    This "thread": and this "project": may help you

    But AFAIK, this is not an easy task. Good luck with it!

  • From my understanding, MuOnline is a proprietary MMORPG from a korean company. They have not given anyone permission to run private servers (with probably leaked server binaries).

    So you are the one cheating, am I right?

  • Partly. I do not take any money for what I do so I don't mean to steal anybody (Webzen in this case). I just want to earn some experience and enjoy playing with people on different settings.

  • How will you make sure that everybody on your private server has the anti-cheat-tool running (and e.g. not a mock-program)?

  • Launcher will be connected to server-side application and I'll encrypt all packets so that everyone looks different to prevent emulators. I hope It'll work. Otherwise I can always ban those few smarter ;P

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