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Trying to move/resize a FramelessWindow outside the desktop bounds in RHEL 6.3

  • Hello,

    In our application there is a situation where we need to move and resize a Frameless Window outside the desktop bounds.
    In Windows environment there is no problem in doing such thing; turns out that in X11 (RHEL 6.3 actually) ("as highlighted in Qt’s documentation": )

    For this reason, with the current implementation, the application is not able to move or resize the window outside the desktop bounds. Additionally to that, when we try to change on the fly the window attribute flag (CWOverrideRedirect) from XLib, the application automatically moves to a “valid” position.

    One solution, would be apply the "Qt::X11BypassWindowManagerHint": flag, but this action would generate the undesired behavior like not receive the keyboard focus, not give focus to other applications and generante a flickering during the set of it.

    Given the aforementioned scenario, I’d like to know if exist some robust solution for dealing with this issue.

    BTW, Already exists "a topic related": to this issue, but appearantly without solution.


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