Qt creator(2.5.0) doesnt interpret "Try catch" block in constructor.

  • Consider the below pseudo code, I added a try catch block for the constructor , which i am sure is valid.
    : A ( /.../ )
    , b( /.../ )
    catch( ... )


    For some strange reason Qt creator doesn't understand this syntax and underlines the "try" line and the "catch" block in red.

    Qt creator version :2.5.0.

    The code compiles without any error. Please let me know if any one has a solution for this. Thanks!


  • That's not exactly strange, it's a very uncommon syntax. The qt syntax parser is not 100% conformant so it won't understand the more exotic constructs. That's true for almost every IDE I know of.
    I don't think there is a lot one can do beyond submitting a patch.

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