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QWebview:How do I know if a flash has finished playing?

  • I am attempting to write a program that can play a list of flashes (for example, from YouTube.)
    I'm using QWebview to show videos, the plugin works fine.

    However, how can I tell when a video finishes, so that I can start the next one.

    I'm using Python, so an example in that language would be great, but I can read C++, too.
    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: if there is any other method that allows me to do the same (play a list of flashes) without using
    QWebview, then please tell me!

  • There's no way to do that.

    It is impossible to manipulate the SWF (Flash) using QWebKit or even javascript.

    You can make your own video player, so you can write in your document, hidden in some input to know when your program is paused or completed.

    And take these results with javascript.

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