Gui testing with dogtail

  • Hi,

    I am currently experimenting ways to do some automated gui testing under Ubuntu 12.04 (Qt 4.8.1). One of the first problems I discovered was, that I am not able to read the text of e.g. a QPlainTextEdit control -> the 'Text' value in dogtails sniff is always empty regardless of what I type in the control.
    So I went and implemented a custom accessible object
    class MyAccessiblePlainTextEdit : public QAccessibleWidget
    MyAccessiblePlainTextEdit(QWidget *w);

    virtual QString text(Text t, int child);
    virtual int childCount() const;
    virtual Role role(int child) const;

    QPlainTextEdit* textEdit() const;

    QString MyAccessiblePlainTextEdit::text(Text t, int child) const
    if (!child)
    if (t == QAccessible::Value)
    return this->textEdit()->toPlainText();
    if (t == QAccessible::Name)
    return this->textEdit()->accessibleName();

    return QString();



    and installed a suitable factory via QAccessible::installFactory in the main funtion of my test program.
    However, the text method is only called with t := QAccessible::Name, t := QAccessible::Description etc. but never with t := QAccessible::Value. So while I am able to change e.g. the name or the description, I still dont get the text :-(.

    Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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