Converting flycapture2 image to Qimage

  • Dear All,
    Anybody used flycapture from Point Grey Research.
    I am trying to convert the flycapure2 image to Qimage to display in QGraphicsView.
    What I did was
    error = cam.RetrieveBuffer( &rawImage );
    // Convert the raw image
    error = rawImage.Convert(PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB8, &img.imageframe);
    //Convert to QImage
    QImage Img(img.imageframe,1280, 960, QImage::Format_RGB888);

    But the compiler complains as
    No matching function for call to "QImage::QImage(Flycapture2::Image&,...)
    What is the correct way?

  • Better show us some more code. Unclear types, esp. the type you are feeding to QImage (see QImage "types":

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