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Doxygen for qt creator 2.6.81?

  • Hi all,

    There is any Doxygen version that works with Qt creator 2.6.81?

    • I have built Qt 4.8.4 (64bit) and Qt creator 2.6.81


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    "Works with" in which way? What do you want to do?

  • I want to use Doxygen plugin with QtCreator as I did before with older versions of QtCreator.

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    Sorry, no idea. I never used the doxygen plugin and do not even know who wrote it. So obviously I can not comment on its state either.

    Where did you get it from? Contacting its author (and maybe encouraging him to contribute the plugin;) is most likely the only thing that will get you an answer.

    You could also try to build the sources (if available). Depending on how deeply the plugin integrates with the rest of creator this may or may not work.

    Unfortunately we can not go out and grab code and integrate it. We need a contributors agreement to be signed before we can accept code and therefore we can only use code we receive via .

  • I have compiled Doxygen source (needed to fix few code in some of the cpp files, so it will work with Qt 4.8.4 code), but when trying to use the plugin in QtCreator, the Doxygen options do nothing...Maybe someone here compiled Doxygen source with a newest Qt and have a good Dll he can send me?

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