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[SOLVED] QTreeView - changing the value of an item in a row when a value in an item on the same row changes

  • I have a row in my QTreeView which has been created with 4 * QStandardItem (using setChild(row, column, item)).

    The user has clicked on column 3 and edited it. I get that item (using m_model->itemFromIndex(index)). Now I want to update the item in column 1 on the same row. How do I get a pointer to it? All I have is the index of the item in column 3 which was edited.

  • Hi.
    You have row index ("QModelIndex::row()":, so you can get QModelIndex (i.e. model->index(rowIndex, 0)) of desired column

  • @// obtain the index to the element in the same row in column 1
    QModelIndex target_index = m_model->index(edited_item_index.row(), 1, edited_item_index.parent());
    // change data in the desired item
    m_model->setData(target_index, newdata);@

    I think you get the idea :)

  • That works thanks. Happy dance :-)

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