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ActiveQt OLE automation & plugins

  • Dear Qt users,
    I'm tring to add OLE support to my program. I have successfully exported a controller class with QAxFactory.

    The problem is my application is subdivised into multiple plugins.
    I would like to return pointer to these plugins from my controller class.
    However it looks like the macro QAXTYPE need the full implementation of the class to compile. Hence I'm not able to call from the main application QAXTYPE (MyPluginClass) since the main app is obviously not aware of the implementation of the plugin.

    I don't see how I can solve my issue (by a different design I guess)

  • I've edited my first post, since I have solved issues I had with the main application OLE component.
    Now stuck with plugins :(

  • Hey @JulienMaille , i have the same problem as you. Do you ever solved it?

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