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Need qt sdk for 4.9 with qt designer

  • hello this is my first day trying to start with qt, but i am bit confused in choosing the right sdk and where to get it and the same issue in getting the qt designer .. is it going to be included in the sdk , I would greatly appreciate your help

    i need version 4.9 for Autodesk maya 2013

  • There is no Qt 4.9... Latest is 4.8.3, with 4.8.4 and 5.0 being worked on. I am not aware of anything at version number 4.9.x in Qt land, either, so I am not sure what you might be referring to.

    Downloads to the current versions can be found behind the DOWNLOADS link at the top of this page (if that help). Qt Designer is included in all Qt packages. The Qt Creator IDE (which embeds designer, too) is a separate package for the time being.

  • I guess you're speaking of PyQt4 (latest version is 4.9.5), an installer for PyQt (including Qt Designer) can be downloaded "here":http://www.riverbankcomputing.co.uk/software/pyqt/download


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