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Regarding the usage of qwt library in qt

  • Hai,
    i am writing this post to know more about the inclusion qwt in qt programs.I will list down my requirements and problems which i am facing while running the program. If anybody can clarify the same it will be a great help for me.

    I am trying to create the same demo program of oscillscope as a new project . i have created a new project and included the header and source files. wen running it was showing the error that some files were not found. Then i have included the qwt library in the pro file. Now that error was over but it is showing error that not able to make the file.

    In a nutshell i want to know how to tackle the error of not able to make the file wen running the program

  • This is a difficult question, because in fact you are not deploying any deeper information about your project. Source code snippets around your comments are very helpful answering your question.

    Try to distinguish between building (qmake, make) and running your application. This will help to clarify your errors.

    Did you read the INSTALL file contained in the qwt distribution (especially the sections regarding to your type of installation)?

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