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Open Source / Source codes for Waveform viewer in Qt

  • Hi,

    I need to build waveform viewer - like GUI in Qt, that is similar to Modelsim vsim with certain regions rectangles if different colors and length, time scale, marker lines on time scale with zooming in / out.

    Have anybody worked with such waveform viewer GUI. Can anybody advice link to source code, open source project in Qt with above features ?

    I have only QML profiler GUI source codes similar. I need more examples in Qt.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Do you mean something like "Qwt": ?

  • not exactly, is there the widget among QWT widgets that supports markers, zoom,etc.?
    Besides qwt...

  • Qwt supports markers, zoom and probably custom painting on a plot. You should look at the examples provided with the source.
    Beside Qwt, you can use gnuplot, or vtk which can both be used with Qt.

    Or you can "simply" use the QGraphicsView framework and represents the waveforms as QGraphicsPolygonItems.

  • Thanks alexisdm, this is a good idea to use QGraphicsView framework and to represent the waveforms as QGraphicsPolygonItem or custom items, there should be zoomable time scale and markers, the elements ( rectangles ) on the plot should be expandable. Not sure that QWT contains such kind of plot, does it ?

    Have anybody met ( experienced ) such open source project where this type of GUI implemented ?

    I am interested in previous experiences / open source or com. projects when such waveforms were created using Qt v. 4.2 + Graphics View framework.
    Similar illustrations of the interface that I am looking for are among:

    ! example 01)!

    ! example 02 )!

    Tnx in advance. Hp to hear...

  • [quote author="Pavel Mazniker" date="1353923931"]Not sure that QWT contains such kind of plot, does it ?[/quote]It seems it does: "Gantt charts with QWT ?":

  • Thanks. Good idea to try QwtPlotIntervalCurve.
    Any idea how to add movable markers to plot ?
    One more important point:
    The GUI should contain in it Tree View like items and opposite each item rectangle-like wave ( regions ). Can that be done using QwtPlotIntervalCurve ( it adds on the left standard axis with equally spaced linear interval values, but I need tree fashioned axis like in the second attached picture )?
    I searched,,, but no such elements found.
    I know there are plenty of complex open source projects.Maybe there is an open source project with such gui elements ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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