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The question about the second argument of Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE ( ClassName, Identifier )

  • The document said Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE ( ClassName, Identifier ) 's second argument must be unique. The code
    @Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE( FilterInterface, "se.thelins.CustomPlugin.FilterInterface/0.1" )@ in my book's example project works well,but if I change the code to
    @Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE( FilterInterface, "numberOne" )@,my application will get no plugins.I think "numberOne" is also unique.Why it doesn't work?

  • Did you rebuild your project afterwards?

  • [quote author="Lukas Geyer" date="1353570049"]Did you rebuild your project afterwards?[/quote]


  • I find that even if I change a word of "se.thelins.CustomPlugin.FilterInterface/0.1",the plugins will be loaded unsuccessffully.

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