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Printing jpeg images in Qt with special quality

  • Hi.

    I have next question. I need to print jpeg images using QPrinter and QPainter, by painter.drawImage(...) or painter.drawPixmap(...). The clients say that the images are printed not so good: 90% quality. I need something that print the images using a specify quality of them (0 -100).

    If you save or render in memory a low quality jpg file with 30% you get a small image for example 30KB. ( Image01 = 30 ) + ( PDF and ptext = 50 ) = 80KB pdf size. I expect that but if I render it in a PDF of QT4, using your function or another, I get a file size of 150KB for example. Qt4 always render the image in 90% jpg. I can do that using c# and PDFSharp, using XGraphics and change the quality of the image, but in Qt4 I don't know how I can made it or what tool use

    Does anybody know how to print in C++ jpeg image with variable qulaity from lowest till highest ( 100 % ) quality ?

    Awaiting for your response,

    Thanks in advance,


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