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Move Creator Sidebars around?

  • Hey -

    I've been using Qt for awhile, with the Eclipse plugin and have generally really liked it.

    I'm trying out Qt Creator, and all I want to do is move some items around in Edit view. What I'd want is a to split the sidebar, and move one of the panes to the far right of the screen... I like to have an outline up, but it needs its own vertical space and I prefer the right hand side.

    I'm sure this is possible since it is easily done in MSVS and Eclipse, I'm probably just missing something obvious.


  • I believe that the sidebar is fixed at the left-hand side.

  • Sorry, the sidebar is fixed to the right side. Nobody came up with a good argument for having it movable yet ("eclipse/VS can do it" is not an argument;-).

  • Ugh, really? How about, let people organize their IDE in the way they like? This layout issue is completely subjective, and saying that pinned to the left is better than allowing stuff to be moved is simply advocating one completely subjective way of doing it.

    Also, I'm suggesting you should be able to have it on both sides, left and right. This is a good use of the big, wide monitors we have - that way I can see the full project layout, a full code listing, and a full outline of the file I'm looking at if I should so choose!

    I don't care if you don't want to do it that way... fine, don't. But I am productive that way, I like that layout, and the tool should be flexible as many other IDEs already are... this doesn't seem like a difficult thing to do. In fact, doesn't Qt provide QDockbar for exactly this purpose, and aren't subwindows of this class easily moved around????

  • For anyone interested, I submitted the feature request under QTCREATORBUG-8304.

  • You are not the first one to ask for it: QTCREATORBUG-640 has this and more suggestions, all aiming at improving multi-monitor support. Stuff like this has been requested for a while now:-/

  • I would encourage anyone reading this post to go the previous link (640) and upvote the bug. This is pretty rediculous, and I would just be sticking with Eclipse if support for the Qt integration plugin wasn't on the way out.

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