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Gray-scale dilation

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    I have recently started to learn about digital image processing, I'm currently reading on mathematical morphology.

    Use the book Digital Image Processing, second edition.

    I have several questions and I need some help:

    Does the equation 9.6-1 represents the dilation for the point (s, t) of the output image or represents dilatation for the entire image (such as Equation 9.2-2)?.

    If the answer is yes, this means that: for full dilatation of the image 'f' should apply Equation 9.6-1 for each possible value (s, t) or not?.

    I'm also a bit confused with respect to equation 9.6-1:

    It represents the image displacement is 'f' for all the structuring element and not the other? ...
    can someone explain (at least somewhat) this.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I'm afraid I don't have that book on my bookshelf today. Must have loaned it to a friend.

    Would be helpful if you would post equations 9.6-1, 9.2-2, et al.

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