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Problem porting 4.8.1 project to 5.0.0. BETA2

  • I have tried adding a 4.8.1 compiler to latest QtCreator but i end up having issues like it doesn't contain phonon module etc. ...

    direct link:

    My latest sources.
    Please.Any help is much appreciated.

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    This is not how it works. Post the part of the code you suspect are causing the problem, ask specific questions, and you will get the answer. I'm not trying to discourage you, but don't expect many people will happily jump into your whole project and try to see what is wrong.

    Besides, the subject of this topic seems to be completely unrelated to the actual post.

  • Not really.... Simply I have been working on a project in QtCreator 2.4.0 with 4.8.1 libraries.

    I have Qt5 libraries and QtCreator 2.6.0 installed on other computer and am unable to compile my project cause Qt5 is missing many modules like phenon,etc.

    My question is how to install older 4.8.2/4.8.3 libraries and configure my 2.6.0 Creator so I can work with them.

    Clear now?

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    Yup, that is much better. Go to "the downloads": section and take the libs for your system and compiler (4.8.3 is the newest ATM, but in a few weeks we'll be having 4.8.4 release). Install it (or compile, if you prefer downloading the source code), then go to Qt Creator->Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt Versions and add your newer installation there (you just need to click "Add" and browse to Qt installation folder, bin subdirectory, and select qmake. Qt Creator will figure out all the rest automatically).

  • Oh yeah guessed so.... in past i have been having many problems with configuring it...having to set many variables by hand and a big problem that occurred in older creators was when u were moving your installation for example on an external hard drive ..... i had to write myself a batch script that set them for me on the machines

    so one more time ...thanks a lot ;)

  • Problem may be it were only beta libraries and some modules were not implemented yet...

  • The post is very good ,i like you said .

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