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Application crash on Mac OS

  • Hello Experts,

    I am developing an application in Qt, In which I am opening some web pages , and doing some iterations.
    These iterations are big enough(more than 100000 counts).
    My application is running fine on Windows. I debug the same project on Mac and created the app bundle using 'macdeployqt'.
    Everything seems fine .. but when I run the final app , it starts, every thing seems working , after some time it get crashed (after few hundred iteration).

    error message : MyApplication quit unexpectedly.

    The same application is running fine on windows and I used the same project .
    Any help appreciated


  • Sounds like a memory leak. Try using "to debug the issue": or share more details.

  • Well, I am unable to understand... if the Memory leakage crashing the application, the it should also effect on windows.

    I am sharing few more details:

    1. The application is using multithreading, it creates a list of some thousand entries (Just an iteration which fills the Qtablewidget ) .

    2. I am having a different iteration (for loop for both iteration) add some information to every entry and add these items to another Qtablewidget .

    3. The second starts as soon as the first is having some data, Both iterations are running simultaneously (multithreading).

    Please also suggest if it may be an issue of debugger.

    Any suggestion appreciated.


  • Hello experts,

    Any suggestion on my issue?

    I have done some searches and it says that, its a bug on Mac (I am using Mac Lion). Is it so?

    I created the bundle using 'macdeployqt' , and did not added any dll to release/debug folder,
    Which I need to add on windows to create a release and then the setup(I am using INN setup creator for windows release setup) .
    I can post the error message from Mac (Its very long and can cover more than a page).
    Please suggest if I am missing something.


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