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Compiling Qt WebKit tests on linux

  • Hi,

    i have following options on my makefile, but i don't manage to compile Qt WebKit Tests.

    I have commented : -nomake tests

    What are the good options to compile it ?

    Looking at ./webkit/WebKitBuild/Release/bin/ , i can see only jsc, although i was expected to have
    also dumprendertree.

    thanks for the support


    cd ../../..


    if [ $QTARCH = "i686-cm" ]


    Configuring Qt

    cd qt
    make clean confclean # Clear any previous build and configuration
    -arch $QTARCH
    -xplatform qpa/fusion/$NDS_PLATFORM
    -prefix $QT_INSTALL_PREFIX
    -nomake docs
    -nomake translations
    -nomake tools
    -nomake demos
    -nomake examples
    #-nomake tests
    2>&1 | tee /tmp/trace.txt

    Building Qt

    make $MAKEARGS 2>&1 | tee -a /tmp/trace.txt
    make install

    Building Webkit

    cd ../webkit
    unset QTINC QTLIB
    export QMAKESPEC="qpa/fusion/$NDS_PLATFORM"
    export SQLITE3SRCDIR="$PWD/../qt/src/3rdparty/sqlite"
    env > ../build/compil_env

    --qt \

    --only-webkit \


    --qt \

    --only-webkit \


    cd WebKitBuild/Release
    make install

    Can someone answer please ?
    I have posted this question on Friday 16 november 2012 and still no answer ...

  • Hi,

    I reply to this post, as i have found the problem.
    It is also for other people that may encounter the same issue.
    It would be great that questions will be answered more often.
    There are indeed to many un-answered response at this forum , that makes this forum not very reactive and professional ...

    Here is the answer :

    We must change : file :
    to support followig directives :

    SUBDIRS += QtTestBrowser/
    SUBDIRS += DumpRenderTree/qt/
    SUBDIRS += DumpRenderTree/qt/

    then, after compilation we can see in :
    ./webkit/WebKitBuild/Release/bin the missing binaries :

    DumpRenderTree, ImageDiff ...


  • I found this thread, and it help to me find the solution, but it has change a little since 2012. So I update this post

    On Qt 5.1, by default the build is for production.
    To build testing tools like DumpRenderTree, it is possible to disable the default feature in default_pre.prf.

    Or change the variable production_build (in configure.prf) by adding the tools.


  • The default compilation settings of QtWebkit (in Qt5.5 ) generates strip down version of qtwebkit which does not include DRT. In order to get DRT goto <path to qt5 source code>/qt5/qtwebkit/Tools/qmake/mkspecs/features/configure.prf and comment the following line. (Note ## is used for comment.)

    production_build {
            ## WEBKIT_CONFIG -= $$WEBKIT_TOOLS_CONFIG build_tests
    • First clean any previous configuration:
      $ git submodule foreach --recursive "git clean -dfx"
    • Configure:
      $ ./configure -opensource -confirm-license -release
    • Build webkit only:
      $ make module-qtwebkit
    • Install:
      $sudo make install

    You will find DumpRenderTree executable in <path to qt5 source code>/qt5/qtwebkit/bin

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