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[Resolved] Qt, Windows... many problems...

  • Well...
    I try compile the application on Windows.
    When I click on "Run" on QtCreator, the application works fine, very fine...
    But when I try to run the "Application.exe" I got some error, asking for some .dll files. So I put all missing .dll files in the same folder as my "Application.exe" is, but I'm got another error:

    Google translate:
    Could not locate the procedure entry point _ZN31QNonContinuousByteDeviceFactory6createEP11RingBuffer in the dynamic link library QtCored4.dll

    In portuguese:
    Não foi possível localizar o ponto de entrada do procedimento _ZN31QNonContinuousByteDeviceFactory6createEP11RingBuffer na biblioteca de vínculo dinâmico QtCored4.dll

    What's that means? I have no idea how to solve my problem!!!

  • Hello,
    the d at the end of the dll means that you are running your programme in debug mode, which is often not correct.
    So it is advisable to build in release mode and to put Qtcore4.dll.

  • yes, I'm running and compiling on debug mode!
    I will try to compile on release mode to check if this error disappears and using the release dll files!

  • OK everything working with Release compilation, but I think the the error on qtcore4d.dll is that I'm using the wrong version for desktop, on something like this!

  • OK works allmost all, just on splashscreen it's not loading a imagem from resources.

  • ok !

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