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Header inspector in CPP on QtCreator's sidebar...

  • Hey guys,

    It would be awesome to have a definition inspector in the sidebar when working in a cpp file, it would be like this: when you open a cpp file, on the sidebar you get the member functions and variables defined in the header file ordered in a tree like fashion, where the nodes would be public, private, signals, slots, etc. and the nodes inside them would be the definitions themselves, that way you can have a guide of what to implement on your cpp file, and even better, as you declare the methods on your cpp, you can indicate on the inspector which methods are declared and which are yet to be declared.

    If someone wants to implement it then it would be great, but if I wanted to implement it, how would I do that? I'm a newbie to Qt and QtCreator, so, are there any tutorials out there that show how the QtCreator architecture is defined or things like that? because I found some basic QtCreator plugin creation tutorials, but nothing that would really help me on this endevour.


  • Raul, is not Class View something that you are talking about?

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    We do have a class browser and an outline view... There further is some work in a "merge request": going into that direction.

    Feel free to help implementing this.

  • I'm using QtCreator 2.0 and installed the QtCreator 2.1 rc1, but none of them have the class view, I've looked at every menu and the icons that the help section. The only views I have for the sidebar are: Projects, File System, Bookmarks and Open Documents.
    I've checked out the documentation and they mention it, but the documentation is for QtCreator 1.3.x, I don't know if they removed it from the new versions or something, so I wouldn't be able to tell you if it's like class view.

    By the way, I'm using windows XP and Qt 4.7.1 with QtCreator 2.0 and mingw, in case there is something there about class view, if it doesn't work or something.

  • Hm, I'm using snapshots and they contain class view. Tobias, is this view experimental and not included in official rc?

  • @Tobias : I guess that, while I learn Qt, when I'm good enough with it I'll implement it.

    I would really like to contribute to QtCreator, I really like it, it's easy, the no tabs thing I really enjoy (I come from netbeans/eclipse and they are some really heavy cows and learned to hate tabs thanks to them), and I think there are some plugins that made my life easier on other IDE's that QtCreator could benefit from.
    Also I love it's speed and light memory footprint compared to any other IDE out there.

    So if someone could point me on the right direction to any tutorials and documentation that is human readable, not just doxygen documents or hello world plugin tutorials, then I would be really grateful.

  • Raul, I have some notes about plugins writing in my blog, but they are in russian language. Try to use and my blog if you will not find other info.

  • @Denis : Cool thanks! I'm checking it out right now, also, I really appreciate the fact that you write clearly enough that gives me understandable english instead of weird "engrish" ;) . I guess I'll follow your blog, also, I hope you don't mind that if I post some times, I'll post in english.

  • Raul, no problems :) Also if in some places will show some "weird" stuff feel free to contact me via email (you can find it in my blogspot profile).

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1291571350"]Hm, I'm using snapshots and they contain class view. Tobias, is this view experimental and not included in official rc?[/quote]

    The class view is included in 2.1 RC1 and was in the betas too.

  • Raul, May be this image help you find Class View
    ! View)!

    (Screenshot from my QtCreator 2.1.0-pre-rc)

  • Yeah, that's what it's supposed to look according to the help menu, but this is what I got.
    I didn't compile it or do anything, it's how it came straight from the downloadable installer.
    ! menu)!
    Is that how it's supposed to be coming from the installer? the menu it's like that on both 2.0 and 2.1rc1,
    Any idea why? I had open a full cpp file, and also tried with the header file, and nothing.

  • Strange. Did you try to uninstall all previous versions? Maybe it's a kind of installer mess and your new version picks up an old plugin or something like that? What does the about menu show? (I'm fooled by wrong versions once in a while - believing I have the new one running, when there is actually the old one running...)

  • Yes, actually, It's on another computer which I've never installed Qt before, so it's a fresh install and it never had any Qt temp or config files.

    So pretty much the oldest version I had on this computer is QtCreator 2.0.1 build on aug 24 2010 11:00:55 from revision 97d831e3de, the installer is the latest Qt 4.7.1 2010.05

  • Is the ClassView plugIn available and enabled? You can check in Menu Help / Plugins...

  • @Volker : No, I don't see any plugin that's named ClassView, maybe they forgot to include it on the windows installer?
    Do you know where can I download it or something?

  • I installed qt-creator-win-opensource-2.1.0-beta2.exe some two or three weeks ago (on a never touched by creator before vista machine), this one does have the plugin. I'll retry with the recent RC1.

  • 2.1.0 RC1 on my windows box does have the plugin too. Version of all plugins is 2.0.94 (2.0.94).

  • I just reinstalled QtCreator 2.1.0 rc1, and I have the plugin, only that it's disabled, I enabled it and it works!, but on QtCreator 2.0.1 still no plugin, I don't know why's that and maybe it's not even worth it to lose time trying to find out, I'll just start using 2.1.0 rc1 and just wait 'till the final release is done.

  • I don't know if that plugin was included in the 2.0.x series, maybe Tobias can give us a hint.

  • confirm this seems to be missing in Creator 2.0.1 part (4.7.0 sdk ) see below:

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