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How to insert frames from a digital camera in a QT application

  • Hello every one,

    I have to create an application that show a video recording on realtime from a digital camera.

    I've checked different modules of QT, like QAbstractVideoBuffer, QAbstractVideoSurface, QVideoFrame, QVideoSurfaceFormat, but I don't know if it's possible to do with QT.

    Anyone knows any examples to do it?

    Thank you very much

  • Qt doesn't have support for video cams. You may want to take a look to "OpenCV":

    ...and If I remember it right, they have an example for Qt there.

    PS: Please move this thread to "3rd Party Software"

  • Hello,
    thanks a lot. I've just moved to "3rd Party Software".

  • [quote author="alex24" date="1352791921"]Hello,
    thanks a lot. I've just moved to "3rd Party Software".[/quote]

    Thats for the moderators to do. Now you have two threads for the same issue :)

  • Ahh!!!Ok I didn't know it :S. Sorry. I know something new now :)

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