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QTCreator opengl mainwindow app - how to pass toolbar events into my sublcassed qglwidget?

  • I created my first QT opengl app (4.8.3), and it displays the hardcoded png file just fine. Now I want to use the QFileDialog and select different image files. I've created a method in my glwidget class to receive the new filename, but this class has no visibility in the MainWindow. Even with slots & signals, I have nothing to hang the call on in my MainWindow.

  • Figured it out with a little c++ obfuscation.

    in my mainwindow.cpp definition
    #include "glwidget.h"

    the method that gets the filename from the QFileDialog - after pressing a toolbar button that calls this slot:
    void MainWindow::on_actionLoadImage_triggered()
    QString strFilename = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this, "Open File", "", "Files (.)");
    QWidget *cw = centralWidget();
    if (strFilename.length() > 0)
    ((glwidget *)cw)->loadImage(strFilename);
    In my glwidget.h file,
    public slots:
    int loadImage(QString & filename);
    and in the glwidget.cpp file there is a method definition.

    In the VS2010 debug environment, the call went through to the method definition code.

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  • You could create an ordinairy mainwindow (Qtcreator will do that for you when you create a new project) and add an QGLWidget as child:
    OGLWin = new OGLWindow(...)
    This way you can handle all the GUI stuff via the mainwindow and the OpenGl stuff in the QGLWidget.

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