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Phonon with different backend than gstreamer, playing mpeg-2 formats

  • hi all,

    I am developing an app for Qt 4.4.3 and I want to use phonon to playback some video files. It seems the default back-end is
    gstreamer, and I am very limited in what I can do (for instance, It doesn't support mpeg-2 formats as is). I read "on the qtcentre forum": that there
    are different back-ends, so I want to explore the solutions available.

    What can I do

    • to support mpeg-2 using gstreamer
    • to use another back-end for phonon
    • to bypass phonon

    The operating system is SUSE Enterprise 11 and I am a bit constrained on the Qt version. Nevertheless if there is a solution for another version of qt please post.


    ps: btw, how to get phonon version??

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