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Every Qt app in WinXP - 'blocked' input?

  • Hello.

    I have Windows XP Pro SP3, and Geforce 2 MX 200/400.

    I installed SMPlayer, which is Qt app and after run weird things happen:

    • there are no hover(mouse over) on every buttons (in toolbar) or sometimes hover shows up,
    • often when I click any button (on toolbar) then nothing happens,
    • often application looks like to be 'suspended'.

    That things happens only to Qt apps, other apps works OK.
    Is it a virus/malware or sth?
    Maybe graphic card is wrong for Qt?

    Sorry for my English.

  • Does this also happen in your own programs, or what exactly is the question?

    If you're not a C++/Qt-Programmer but just a user of Qt programs, this question is better placed in the forum/mailing-list of the respective application, or maybe KDE.

  • [quote author="DerManu" date="1352323241"]Does this also happen in your own programs, or what exactly is the question?[/quote]

    This happens in my own programs but also to others programs based on Qt (like SMPlayer). The problem occurs only on one computer (on others ~100 client computers Qt like apps works OK). In what could be the problem?

  • Maybe some .DLL with problem....
    Do you try to reinstall the QtCreator?

  • This is client machine without QtCreator, Qt SDK or system Qt libraries.

  • Can you check the executable using the Dependency Walker?
    Maybe can show you something...

    • I'm not sure but I don't think that can be the Video Graphics or GPU Driver...

    Did you check a CPU usage when you start the qt application?!

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