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QtMulitmediaKit on Ubuntu 12.10 and Windows

  • I am trying to complete a project that requires an audio input and output. The application defines a single source input and single source output from available devices.

    Audio sources are available and accessible using ALSA based applications (wmm on XP).

    The problem I am having is that I cannot even get the audio input example from the QtMultimedia demo source code online to work. It keeps giving me an error. Either an "unknown error" or, in the case of the examples, qmobilityglobal.h no such file or directory. The .pro file defines QT += mobility CONFIG += multimedia so these errors are confusing to me.

    There is very little helpful documentation on sound capture and output other than audio file read or multimedia source applications like video. When you are developing audio applications to do anything else it sort of leaves you to trial and error.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Environment Ubuntu 12.10 quantal 32 bit
    Kernel 3.5.0-18-generic
    GNOME 3.6.0

    AMD 64 +3800
    NVidia GeForce 6150 video
    RealTek AL888 sound on high def bus
    1 Gb Ram 25 Gb free disk

  • What version of Qt you're using?

    If you wanted to use MultimediaKit within QtMobility, you must first install the API target Desktop, so that when build on desktop, the library are found.

    Open Synaptic or any package manager you have, find qtmobility, then install all what you see fit. You should build your program after that.

    The other way, I would say you try to use Qt5.0, since the media module has been ported there. It's really good, but will need sometime to install the new Qt from git.

  • Well Here is the deal...Qt is native to Ubuntu EXCEPT some of the SDK modules which must be installed separately (like mobility) which has been done including the debug symbols. I have no idea why the SDK is not presented intact but that is where we are with Ubuntu. It does not explain the situation on Windows.

    The docs strongly recommend that you use MultimediaKit rather than QMultimedia.

    I have tried all the obvious options. That is why I opened this topic. What Now???

  • I can't believe none of you Ubuntu grus have not weighted in on this. Someone has to know the solution!

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    The Ubuntu maintainers changed the packaging of Qt's multimedia components, so it's different from other distros out there.

    I was never able to successfully get multimedia working on Ubuntu myself. But, see if this helps:

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