Which configure Flags do the precompiled Binaries have?

  • Hi

    I wanted to know what configure flags where used when u build the installer packeges for qt. Is there a list with the flags for the different versions?



  • Look into file configure.cache. You will find flags there.

  • Hi,

    You can check how Qt was configured at $QMAKE_MKSPECS/qconfig.pri

    If you don't know what is the content of QMAKE_MKSPECS, do:

    @qmake -query QMAKE_MKSPECS@

    If you compiled Qt, the flags used in the last configure are in <path to build dir>/config.status

    I hope this helps you

  • anselmolsm, in my Qt SDK instance at Windows machine I can see flags in this file.

  • Denis, cool. Now we have 3 different ways to find that information, in different scenarios (including when Qt was packaged by a Linux distro).

    I did not know about configure.cache in Qt SDK, thanks =)

  • and are the same flags used in every package? like in QtSDK and the normal installer for example for VS2005?

  • I downloaded the binary distribution of Qt and my qconfig.pri file contains this:

    QT_CONFIG += release debug zlib png accessibility qt3support opengl s60 openssl ipv6 script scripttools xmlpatterns phonon phonon-backend multimedia audio-backend webkit native-gestures svg minimal-config small-config medium-config large-config full-config

    And, what I've read seems to indicate that the Qt binary distribution is not built with OpenSSL enabled. So, can these flags possibly be accurate?

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