QWebView new windows doesnt work in secondary monitor

  • Hi,

    Set up Environment: Windows 7 Os, with 2 monitors connected .

    I have created a sample QWebview application which plays you tube videos using Qwebview . while video is playing if i select fullscreen option from flash menu. adobe flash will create new independent window. I'm trying to make this new window as a child of some other existing window application. whenever i do this, full screen window will be placed within parent window. This is working as expected when the Qwebview application window is in primary monitor

    if i am trying to do the same with placing my Qwebview application window in secondary monitor, when i set the new fullscreen window as child of some other window , then the fullscreen window is disappearing.

    Why this weird behaviour ? if i created new flash fullscreen window using Qwebview when placing application @ secondary monitor ? while the same thing is working fine when the application was in primary monitor ?

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