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[Solved]Debugging Helpers in Qtcreator don't work on Linux

  • Hi and sorry for mess English.

    In theory while debugging in qt-creator show fields of classes defined in Qt.
    But it doesn't do it and display only <not accessible> or mem address.

    I think that the problem in GDB or Python scripts.

    GDB loaded from gives what is described above.

    I tried to Build GDB myself with config flags

    @configure --prefix=<DIR> --target x86_64-linux-gnu --with-python@


    @configure --target x86_64-linux-gnu --disable-nls --with-libiconv --with-expat --with-python@

    but they crash while starting from Qtcreator

    i'm see debugger log from qt creator, and found that GDB return not parsed response like


    on windows i take


    differ in numchild, also Q<collection> and QStrings doesn,t show

    i'm running on Ubuntu 12.10 x64
    Qt version is 4.8.4 (from Git)
    and creators are 2.5.2(from qt-project site) and 2.6.81 (git)
    GDB versions:
    build myself - 7.5
    download from qt-project - 7.4.1

    on Win8 subject works fine in combination QtCreator(2.6.81)-Qt-4.8.4-MinGW-GDB-7.5(build myself from source with Py. support)

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    I recently ran into a trap when I did not build Qt with debug symbols: Some datatypes still worked, but others (those using d_ptr) did not.

    So do you have debug symbols enabled for the Qt version you are debugging?

  • SOLUTION: Qt libs didn't contain debug simbols. I was caught by flag -debug-and-release. It work in macOS and windows (MinGW) but not in Linux. Be careful!

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