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Using PGI Accelerator Workstaion in Qt Creator for OpenACC Features!!!????

  • Hi. I'm a New Programmer in Qt Env. But i want to use NVIDIA Graphic Card for Parallel Processing. i don't is it possible to use pgi compiler in Qt Creator or NO? please help me?

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    I do not recall having heard of a "pgi compiler" before, so I'd say it is not supported in Qt Creator out of the box:)

    If it behaves similar to GCC it should be possible to use it though. The debugger might or might not work (depending how similar it is to recent GDB with python support), too.

    The setup will most likely take some work to get going. If you decide to give it a try: Please keep me posted:)

  • Thank you for your help.
    1 - "pgi compiler" = "pgcc" or Portland Group Compiler that Accelerate codes with supporting openacc and cuda features.

    2 - in qtcentre forums and in portland group i saw a paradox. some users in pgi forums told that it may be to using Qt in pgi by recompiling qt libraries. and in "qtcentre" i found a replay from "trolltech" that's impossible.

    3 - i found other compilers that seems to be same as gcc. such as CAPS( hmpp compiler ).

    4 - what shall i do? ):);?????!!!!!!!

  • Hi Smart_Chip,

    Here's a thread on The Portland Group forum about errors in building Qt. The version used was pgcc version 8 with Qt 4.4, whereas the latest pgcc version now is 12.10.;

    Probably you can ask them directly about Qt support?

    Hope that helps.


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    First step is to set up pgcc as a toolchain/compiler in Qt Creator and to adapt a mkspec in some Qt version to use that instead of gcc.

    Then try to build an newly created example project with it. Does it build?

    If it does: Try adding some errors and check whether those show up in the Issues output pane of creator.

    Check the debugger: Set it up, claiming that it is a normal gdb. Set a breakpoint into your example application. Is it hit? Does the debugger work from inside creator?

    If all that works, then using pgcc with Creator should be possible. If not you will need to invest code to get it rolling.

    Maybe the portland group has experimented with this before. I am not aware of anyone having tried it on the Qt side.

    My reply is about using pgcc in Qt Creator. I do not know whether you can build Qt with that compiler or not. You will most likely need to try that out and see what happens. You will most likely need to configure with the mkspec you adapted, too.

  • Did you manage to get this working? I am trying to do the same thing and would be interested to see your solution.


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