How to create a QComboBox that displays widgets?

  • Is it posible subclassing QComboBox enabling to display some functional widgets instead of only icons & text,...

    for example, clicking the combobox displays a bunch of QRadioButtons, or QPushButtons, images, ... customWidgets, etc all widgets within should be usable and functional.

    maybe a clue could be with QStandardItemModel but it still confusing for me.


    I should create a custom widget creating something like a combo QScrollarea and a QPushButton and manualy add some functionallity??

    maybe it's an obvious question but I'm a newbie and I want to take the correct path and learn from you guys

    In Advance

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Look at the examples for using QItemDelegate. A simple use of QItemDelegate can be found in the Qt examples/itmeviews/spinboxdelegate. You can find other examples on the web as well.

  • Hi draconis

    I ask you for huge apology for taking so long to respond,

    I've reviewed the examples and are quite clear, actually they gave me a clear track of how to do it.
    Now my problem is that the combobox does not paint the buttons or radiobuttons, I only managed to do it when I'm editing the item and thats when it is editable like within a qtableview, I wish that widgets (button, radiobuttons) where visible all the time.

    the documentation will help me.

    thank you very much for your help

  • You are welcome. Hope you are having success with your project.

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