How to solve this Error message?

  • Hi...
    I run my application under Qt4.8 in Windows XP everything is Ok, but after moving to another PC using Win7, I compile and running under the same Qt in the new PC, the application running well for around 1 minute and then there is an error message:

    25App.exe has stop working
    Windows is collecting more information about the problem. This might take several minutes...

    After that there is a message box:
    Do you want to send more information about the problem? ...and so on..

    Is there any suggestion? I need your help

    Thanks in advance.

  • does any Qt application crash on your new pc or only that particular one you mentioned?

  • Did you try to start you application in a debugger and left it running until it crashes?
    Just to see where it brakes if the debugger can catch the error.

  • And what are the differences between the Win7 and WinXp? 32 bits / 64 bits? Bit more information needed.

  • Thanks for replies

    • Other Qt application running well. Only this application, but it is running well on the first computer.

    -I tried running on Qt 4.8.0 for desktop-MSVC2010 (Qt SDK) Debug, after a minute there is a message: Debug Error...Module 4.8.0 ..File global\qglobal.cpp Line 2232, ASSERT: "bitmap" in file image\qnativeimage.cpp, line 117 (Press retry to debug the application).

    • I ran on Win7 Ent. 32 bit and in XP

  • Try updating Qt to 4.8.3 or to 4.8.1. To see if it will fix the problem.
    I don't have any other ideas except this one.

    Is you application doing anything, or just showing GUI ( waiting for further user interaction) and then crash after a minute?

  • Hi thanks for reply,
    My application doing capturing camera under QTime, the program looping based on capturing image and processing the image. The structure is :
    void DialogApplication::doButtonStartClick(){
    if(!mCapture.isOpened()) {;
    mCameraEventId=startTimer (20);
    mCameraEventId2=startTimer (50);

    void DialogApplication::timerEvent(QTimerEvent *event){
    if( event->timerId() == mCameraEventId ){
    QTime t;
    killTimer(mCameraEventId );
    mCameraEventId = startTimer( MAX(20-t.elapsed(),10) );

    if(event->timerId() == mCameraEventId2) {
    QTime t;
    mCameraEventId2 = startTimer(MAX(50-t.elapsed(),10));

    I am using Qt Creator 2.4.1 based on Qt 4.7.4(32 bit) but in the Build I choose Qt 4.8.0 for Desktop MSVC 2010, is it okay?
    Do you have reference to upgrade the SDK?
    Thanks is advance.

  • For Qt SDK, use "this": link.

    I assume you're doing everything multi threaded?

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