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Mac OS X: context of shortcuts in global menu

  • It seems that shortcuts of actions in a global menu on Mac always take precedence over shortcuts of actions associated with any other widgets, even if the shortcut contexts overlap. Moreover, changing the context of global menu shortcuts seems to have no effect.

    In other words, it is impossible to make a global menu shortcut ambiguous by any shortcut of an arbitrary widget.

    In effect, it is impossible to override global menu shortcut with a shortcut in a child widget, by handling "ambiguous" triggering, because the global menu shortcut always triggers unambiguously.

    The only solution I found was to utilize ShortcutOverride events, but that then bypasses the whole mechanism and practicality of shortcuts anyway...

    This is different from X11 where a shortcut in a menu with smaller than "window" context does not trigger when any other child widget of the menu's window has focus.

    Any idea how to elegantly address global menu shortcut overriding on mac?

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