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[QtCreator] doesn't use cleartype for displaying text on Windows 7

  • Hi

    I have QtCreator installed via QtSDK 1.2.1 on Win7 64bit. I have Cleartype turned on in Windows display settings. However QtCreator doesn't use Cleartype to display the text in the editor. In QtCreator I use "Courier New" 10px size font, Antialias turned OFF. With this setting the text should be displayed with Cleartype technology like on other windows applications. When I turn ON Antialias in QtCreator, the text looks better but surely not as good as Cleartype.

    I can see the Cleartype in action when I put the same text in Notepad and adjust the font and size as in QtCreator. In Visual Studio editor the code looks like in Notepad as well, and I can really notice how Cleartype produces much clearer text, at least on my setup.

    Can I enable Cleartype in QtCreator?


  • The same issue is on QtCreator running on KDE (Kubuntu). It doesn't take into account the system wide antialias technology.

    Antialising can be tweaked in many aspects, which is done by the settings in the operating system. In QtCreator there is only an option to enabled it. That's why I need QtCreator to take into account the system wide antialias technology.

  • I believe you have to recompile the Qt library with different configuration of libfreetype options, since QtCreator highly depend on Qt library. You might take a look on src/3rdparty/freetype and make change on /include/freetype/config/ftoption.h.

    uncomment #define FT_CONFIG_OPTION_SUBPIXEL_RENDERING, if you want to force the qt cleartype.

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