Weird Keyboard Behaviors

  • Hello, I am having a lot of trouble with something that seems really simple. Qt Creator is acting really weird in the editor, and I cannot get it to act normal...

    I believe it has something to do with this "-- COMMAND --" at the bottom of Qt Creator.


    Also, if I click 'c' 2 times, then it changes to "-- INSERT --" and later back to "-- COMMAND --" (not sure what changes it back).

    I could appreciate any help, thank you in advanced.

  • Moderators

    You ended up in FakeVim mode where Creator behaves like an ancient text editor found on unix.

    To quit the FakeVim mode, unselect Tools > Options > FakeVim > Use FakeVim or press Alt+V,Alt+V.

    You can disable the fakevim plugin in Help > About Plugins to make sure you never end up in it again.

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