Using Precompiled Libs QT 4.8.3 for VS 2012

  • Now I have Vs 2012 . Can I Use the QT Libs compiled for VS 2010 with VS 2012 ?? Will It Work

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    Most likely not.

  • I am building it with some changes in configuration ! But It takes a lot of time I think it would take 4 hours !!

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    Yes, I have a 2.8 GHz dual-core CPU with 2 GB RAM, and it took me 2.5 hours using MinGW. Qt is a very big library.

  • I installed VS 2010 :) Easier Solution is the best :)

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    Btw. sorry for hijacking the thread but is qt add-in for VS2012 being worked on at all? Or is it like n-th in the long line of priorities and won't be here for a long time.
    I'm asking cause I see more and more people joining the VC11 bandwagon for its (admittedly - very limited) support of c++11.

  • I used the Qt prebuilt VS 2010 files for a while in VS 2012 without problems. However now I have compiled my own Qt version using VS 2012. It's not that difficult. Just takes a while to compile. Then you can also configure it like you want to. Like using pure OpenGL without ANGLE or removing the need for the icu 20Mb dll dependency if you don't need it.

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    Using VC10 compiled libs might be ok in some cases, but it's asking for trouble when you need to interact with e.g. stl types.
    For example size of std::string changed between VC10 and VC11, so things like QString::fromStdString() might not exactly work (I haven't checked, just speculating), or seem to work and then explode in your face at some point.
    I wouldn't try that and definitely wouldn't ship product based on such hybrid.

    I compiled Qt from source too, but it's such a pain, especially since I needed both win32 and x64 builds with webkit and openssl. It takes ages, and if you forget something in configure step it can eat up half of your day. Also lack of VS add-in is a major inconvenience, so for now VS2012 is more of a playground than real Qt dev platform for me.

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