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Need help adding additional QT Versions to QT Creator

  • Ok,

    I have installed the QT-SDK (all 1.7 Gb download). In a VM I have complied several versions of the QT libraries (4.8.3 for Blackberry and SIM, 4.8.4 for Blackberry and SIM). I want to add those QT Versions to QT Creator. I copy the tree of files from the VM to my dev machine. I run QT Creator, click add, select the qmake and I get the error "QT Version is not properly installed".

    If I run qmake -querry everything points to the directory structure on the VM. So how does one fix this problem?


  • Has no one ever added a new version of the QT SDK to QTCreator?

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    The question is how to fix up qmake and all the pathes compiled into Qt, not how to register a Qt version in Creator.

    The Qt installer has some functionality to fix up Qt versions after they are put into a new place, but that is not available outside of the framework AFAIK and it does relies on the build being done in certain ways. The simplest way is most likely to just rebuild the Qt versions or to make the setup match the one found in the VM.

  • So, one cannot build the QT Versions and then distribute them to others unless everyone has the EXACT same installation. Seems quite limiting...

    But thank you for the information.


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    You can look into what the installer does and do the same. Our installer can do it, so I am sure you can do something similar:-)

    The compiler puts certain information into the binaries, those need to be changed to work.

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