How to resize the QDockWidgets of a QMainWindow in a different proportion?

  • Hello,
    I have a QMainWindow consisting of 4 QDockwidget in a grid manner (2*2). My requirement is that QDockWidget at (0,0) position has to remain big and other 3 dockwidget to remain small even when the main window is resized. How to do it?
    I dont want to make the QSizePolicy of other 3 dock widgets "fixed" because i want to enable the resizing of individual QDockwidgets for the user. Also i'm not using the central widget of QMainWindow.

    Any idea???

  • Why don't you just override the resizeEvent?

  • Do you mean overriding resizeEvent of QMainWindow? The function parameter provides the size with respect to main-window. How can I possibly calculate the new size of QDockWidgets proportinate to its old width and heights with the new size of QMainWindow?

    Overriding resizeEvent of QDockWidgets also has a problem. Because i have to resize other dockwidgets also, if a particular dockwidget is resized.

    Do you have any example code with similar kind of solution?

  • From the event you get the old size and the new size. You have to write a function f(winsize) which can calculate the size of your dock widgets which can be resized by using their resize method.

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