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Scalability of QTimers and guarantee of clicks

  • I intend to have a fairly large number of Qtimers/ or QObject::startTimer(). By fairly large I mean around 2000. It is stated in the QTimer documentation that: "QTimer":[QUOTE]If Qt is unable to deliver the requested number of timer clicks, it will silently discard some.[/QUOTE]
    Does it mean although my objects(qobject inherited) have fairly large timeouts(around a second), but if significant number of them are to be set off at the same time, some clicks will be missed?
    Or it does it mean for a particular QTimer, if the resolution is very close, some clicks will be missed.
    My application have these timer clicks as a priority. To workaround this problem, I had a complicated logic to have a single timer manage all the clicks. I like to remove it. The application is not so time critical as in it is alright if the click is off by some ms, but if there is no click at all, there will be a problem.

    And is there a limit of Qtimers. Documentation states that [QUOTE]Some operating systems limit the number of timers that may be used; Qt tries to work around these limitations.[/QUOTE]
    I intend to use the application on Windows and linux desktops. [B]And how many timers can I safely scale the system to.[/B]

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