Flash enabled but not displaying

  • Hello... I'm reasonably confident Flash is enabled in my QT application, but cannot see Flash content.

    I can go to http://whatismyflash.com and see the currently installed and enabled flash version. (The latest)

    If I comment out...
    @webView->settings()->setAttribute(QWebSettings::PluginsEnabled, true);@
    ...and go to http://whatismyflash.com I see a message that Flash is not installed.

    However... even when I re-activate that line and confirm Flash is enabled, no Flash is displayed on any webpage. I get either empty boxes or the blue "question mark boxes."

    Any ideas on how I can proceed? I'm totally new to Qt, and about to run out of ideas on how to fix this.


  • On which operating system are you deploying you application?

  • Developing on Mac, and have only tested on Mac. But the application will ultimately be used on Windows only. Was about to test on a Windows machine to see if it's a Mac-only issue. I'll report back..

  • Keep one thing in mind.

    Flash to work on Qt, you need to have it installed on your computer and not specifically in a browser (which is also possible).

    You have to download the Flash installer from the Microsoft website, remembering that when entering the site to download, it will ask your browser. Select another and download, install and ready.

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