SetIcon for QTreeWidgetItem

  • Here is a code when everything is work:
    @QTreeWidgetItem *item = rootItem->child(i);

    if (item == NULL) {
    rootItem->addChild(new QTreeWidgetItem());
    item = rootItem->child(i);

    item->setData(1,Qt::UserRole, 0);

    item->setText(1,"Some text");@ The text is shown and the icon too. Now code like this will not work: @QTreeWidgetItem * item = new QTreeWidgetItem();


    item->setData(1,Qt::DisplayRole,"Some text");
    The text is shown but the icon - not. If i use QApplication::windowIcon() in set icon in second variant of code it works, but ofcourse with application icon, not mine. Maybe it's connected with resource system ?

  • In second code I replace @item->setIcon(1,QPixmap(":/Images/New.png"));@ by @item->setIcon(1,QIcon(":/Images/New.png"));@ and now it's begin to work. But what that was ? All these two piece of code is in on class and currently used. Second piece I add after upgrading to MSVS 2010. But even when I change image in first piece(writed in MSVS 2008) to different from resources it still works.

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