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If ((parent = newParent)) - seriously?

  • Qt 4.8.1
    Method setParentItemHelper
    Line 1209:

    @if ((parent = newParent)) {@

    It might be intentional, but it looks like a bug at first glance. As it happens, I am wondering why reparenting my top-level item to a new parent doesn't work.

    Same in 4.8.3

  • Hi there,
    Doesn't need to be a bug!! When the newParent is NULL, the if will not be executed and the parent will be set to NULL.
    Your right if it isn't nice coding style, but fully functional!

  • Thanks.
    In the meantime, I found that when changing the boundingRect prior to setParentItem, setParentItem fails (the new parent isn't set).
    I don't understand it, and couldn't even see the issue when debugging. However, setting the boundingRect after setParentItem is good enough for me.

    Also, setting a new parent that has ItemClipsChildrenToShape set causes repaint issues.

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