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Can i know if QNetworkAccessManager done processing all http requests?

  • im using QNetworkAccessManager in each httpClient object creation in my app and delete it after the HttpClass go out of stack, i have something like 300 http requests
    im doing in aloop , i know that from 4.8 the http requests are Multithreading so i have no fear to execute as meany as i like , and its working great .
    the problem is say how can i know when all the thread requests are done (all the 300 ) can i emit some signal ?
    this is the loop of the request , in side the http client there are the usual http signals

    @ QMapIterator<QString,QString> i(m_urlMap);
     while (i.hasNext())
      QString sUrl = i.value();;
       HttpClient* pHttpClient = new  HttpClient(m_pFileOutput,m_pMutex);
       bool bReturnInvokeHttpClient = false;
       bReturnInvokeHttpClient = pHttpClient->startRequest(sUrl);

    do i need manully keep track on each httpclient m when it done its job ?

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