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How can I set dynamically the FPS of QML Animation?

  • I found the hard coded value(Qt 4.8) of QML Animation 60 FPS.

    -> qt/src/corelib/animation/qabstractanimation.cpp
    -> #define DEFAULT_TIMER_INTERVAL 16 (16ms is 62.5 FPS)

    There are any way to set dynamically the timer interval of QML Animation FPS without Qt Framework's recompile?
    Because, sometimes we need to set lower than 60 FPS for other application's graphic performance.
    (Ex. Video player with QML Animation Widget and Navigation are running at the same time.)

    Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

  • I think the 60+fps/16ms timer is set at compile time in Qt4. I read about work to use the vertical refresh rather than a timer to avoid flickering and adapt to the actual performance of the platform but that's for Qt5.

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