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Index = -1 after deleting :/

  • Hello everyone,

    I am facing a weird situation, I have a qml application that is supposed to show ListView Item information live.
    I have implemented a feature that allow to delete one patient. But when I delete one patient, the current index value equals -1 and the next item gets highlighted. The problem is that the live information do not update as well. It seems to be the fact that the current index is not the new hightlighted Item but still the old one that has the value -1.
    What can I do to update my information please ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • It seems that there is no answer to that question. Up please.

  • [quote author="Jacques" date="1351063219"]It seems that there is no answer to that question. Up please.[/quote]

    Come on, practice some patience.

  • I am still working on that. This is a common use case as far as I know...

  • Is there really a straightforward answer to that question ? I have been looking the Documentation for about a week...

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